An Anthology of Respect: The Pullman Porter

National Historic Registry (1st ed.)

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Over the past ten years there have been numerous books written about Pullman Porters. However, this book written by Lyn Hughes is not just another addition to the list of Pullman Porter books. This book is unique because it also contains a historic registry listing of African American Railroad employees who worked for the railroad between the late 1800’s – 1969. The book tells their story, and the history behind their struggle for inclusion into organized labor. That struggle often included their being under covert surveillance by other porters. These were other employees who were hired by the Pullman Company to spy on their own.

With the preface written by renowned historian Lerone Bennett and excerpts from Nikki Giovanni’s poem “Train Rides,” this unique compilation with chapters that make very interesting reading. Additionally, the book also includes short first person recollections from family members about the men.

Combined with chapters highlighting the origin and method used to complete the book, a glimpse inside Chicago style politics, and an in depth look at the legendary legacy of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (BSCP) labor union. The BSCP founded by A. Philip Randolph in 1925, was the first Black labor union in America chartered under the American Federation of Labor.

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