Programs and Events Calendar


Annual Juneteenth Celebration – Every June

Assemble at the National A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum  

(Entrance on 104th Street Between Corliss & Maryland Ave)

Pullman Porter Descendants Family Reunion 

Summit and Gala Weekend  August 2022

National Descendants of African American Railroad Employees Summit to plan Descendants Family Reunion, including workshops, recorded oral history, Pullman Porter legacy. This event may be virtual. “If possible, the finale will be an Outdoor Gala Event.”


On the winding road of history, knowledge for knowledge’s sake is no longer enough. Knowledge must yield to the empowerment of people. Join us as we celebrate a yearlong calendar of events celebrating our history.

The Following is a selection of some of our events.
Check back soon for upcoming programs.

Urban Renaissance Event Series – August 2022

(Inter-generational Musical Experience)

Hosted By Music Icon George Daniels

 Re-Cycling History Great Migration Trail Ride – 2022

The Re-CYCLING History ride is the launch of a modified bicycle ride, a version of our Black Metropolis Pullman Porter Great Migration Blues Trail Tour. Designed to lower the barriers to outdoor recreation, it offers an exciting, interesting, and fun way to engage community to learn about both history and the environment, all tied directly to the South Lakefront region of Chicago. Our creative and innovative tour, the first in the United States that we know of to offer a program that intersects history, environment, and bicycles.

Gathering starts at Bronzeville 3501 S. King Drive

Contacts:  David Peterson

Additional Events

Gentle Warrior Awards – Annually in February


The Event Is Being Revamped – Nonetheless, it will be a memorable Occasion. Date TBA

Honors unsung heroes  locally and nationally

Lectures and Film Series

Created Equal: America’s Civil Rights Struggle

To mark the anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington where Dr. Marin Luther King delivered his legendary speech, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History have partnered is sponsoring Created Equal: America’s Civil Rights Struggle film series.

The purpose of this unique initiative is to introduce four documentaries with riveting new footage illustrating the history of civil rights in America] the A Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum will offer a [series of screenings, lectures, discussion forums, and scholarly presentations].

Focus on the Arts (Ongoing)

This year we will begin taking a more in depth look into the lives of the descendants of African American Railroad Employees, by shining a light on various individuals. This will begin with our highlighting the Arts.


Robert West (Grandson Of Pullman Porter)

Robert West is America’s newest railroad illustrator. West is consistently on the road giving one-man art shows at railroad related events all over the country. In addition he gives lectures, slide presentations, as well as continues ongoing research to keep a visual record of the fast disappearing contemporary North American Railroad scene. It is in this capacity that he functions as a visual historian, bringing back memories to those, his age and older, while educating those his age and younger.